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Black Cumin Seed Oil

OSMOSIA Black Seed Oil Industries is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Black Seed oil which is known as Black Cumin Oil. Scientific name of cumin oil is Nigella sativa. In Bangladesh it is well known as Kalozira toil or kalaziara toil.

OSMOSIA Black Seed Oil Industries is a sister concern of OSMOSIA Water Technology [www.osmosiawater.com] , which is a professional assembler & distributor of R.O. (Reverse osmosis) water purify systems & U.V (Ultra-violet) water purifier systems, hot & cooling water dispenser equipment’s, domestic housing, industrial and commercial more than nine years.

Since 2000, Osmosia has adopted latest advanced Hi-Tech, introducing foreign advanced equipment’s, using imported food grade polypropylene material and spun polypropylene cartridge made by special spun technology with loose outline, high density core, fine filtration effect and longer service life properties to make water filtrative devices.

Our Product from Taiwan & U.S.A to support and innovate in developed high filtration activated carbon, polypropylene cartridge, double O-ring housing and quick fitting within several years’ research. Our assembled & distributed R.O. products with quality are as good as foreign companies in this field. All water purifier products are made in accordance with the international standard, and R.O. products with components are sold to hole Bangladesh area and west Bengal, India recently.

Our company is highly regarded for the development and research in innovative water filtrative products to provide customers with varieties R.O.& U.V models in different areas. Our targets are quality, service and innovation for the customers in a long time

The company also manufactures Coconut Shell Activated Carbon / Granular Activated Carbon. The quality is that produced carbon is better than many others.

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