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Varieties available:
Acacia Honey 2) White Honey 3) Light Amber Honey (LA) 4) Extra Light Amber Honey (ELA) 5) Linden Honey 6) Buckwheat Honey 7) Pure Rapeseed Honey 8) Chaste Honey Inner packing: Glass / plastic bottles Quantities available: 100g, 150g, 450g, 900g and 1kg Outer packing: Qty/carton: 20 or 25 bottles ---- Detailed Product Description

gojiberry flower,scientifically named Immortal Grass,produces honey inclusive of both the berry's nutrition and the honey's particular efficacy.Constant consumption of this honey could help improve one's immunity prevent premature senility, protest bacteria and prevent cancer.

1. Application to food:
Mainly consisting of dextrose which males up 80% of the nutrition, Gojiberry Honey could be absorbed without digestion, providing one with nutrition. This honey also produces a lot of energy, an energy 4.7 times that of milk. It keeps one energetic and healthy.

2. Medical application:
1) It provides great help to the treating of hepatitis, gastritis, cardiopathy, hypertension, nephritis, anaemia and constipation. 2) It increases haemoglobin, expands blood pipes and betters blood cycling. 3) It improves hepar glycogen metabolism. 4) It cures wounds rapidly.

3. It contributes to cosmeticization and improves the complexion.

4. Consuming method:
Featuring both coolness and mildness. It can be consumed either cooled or uncooked. It should be taken by 5~10g with water under 60 .C.

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